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This creates a stack of box and whisker plot of absolute population conditional weighted residuals (|CWRES|) vs covariates, and is a specific function in Xpose 4. It is a wrapper encapsulating arguments to the function. Most of the options take their default values from object but may be overridden by supplying them as arguments.

Usage, xlb = "|CWRES|", main = "Default", ...)



An object.


A string giving the label for the x-axis. NULL if none.


The title of the plot. If "Default" then a default title is plotted. Otherwise the value should be a string like "my title" or NULL for no plot title.


Other arguments passed to


Returns a stack of box-and-whisker plots of |CWRES| vs covariates.


Each of the covariates in the Xpose data object, as specified in object@Prefs@Xvardef$Covariates, is evaluated in turn, creating a stack of plots.

Conditional weighted residuals (CWRES) require some extra steps to calculate. See compute.cwres for details.

A wide array of extra options controlling box-and-whisker plots are available. See for details.


E. Niclas Jonsson, Mats Karlsson, Andrew Hooker & Justin Wilkins


## Here we load the example xpose database 
xpdb <- simpraz.xpdb