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This is a plot of absolute population conditional weighted residuals (|CWRES|) vs population predictions (PRED) conditioned by covariates, a specific function in Xpose 4. It is a wrapper encapsulating arguments to the xpose.plot.default function. Most of the options take their default values from object but may be overridden by supplying them as arguments.

  covs = "Default",
  ylb = "|CWRES|",
  type = "p",
  smooth = TRUE,
  idsdir = "up",
  main = "Default",



An object.


A vector of covariates to use in the plot. If "Default" the the covariates defined in object@Prefs@Xvardef$Covariates are used.


A string giving the label for the y-axis. NULL if none.


Type of plot. The default is points only ("p"), but lines ("l") and both ("b") are also available.


Logical value indicating whether an x-y smooth should be superimposed. The default is TRUE.


Direction for displaying point labels. The default is "up", since we are displaying absolute values.


The title of the plot. If "Default" then a default title is plotted. Otherwise the value should be a string like "my title" or NULL for no plot title.


Other arguments passed to link{xpose.plot.default}.


Returns a stack of xyplots of |CWRES| vs PRED, conditioned on covariates.


Each of the covariates in the Xpose data object, as specified in object@Prefs@Xvardef$Covariates, is evaluated in turn, creating a stack of plots.

The main argument is not supported owing to the multiple plots generated by the function.

Conditional weighted residuals (CWRES) require some extra steps to calculate. See compute.cwres for details.

A wide array of extra options controlling xyplots are available. See xpose.plot.default for details.


E. Niclas Jonsson, Mats Karlsson, Andrew Hooker & Justin Wilkins

Examples, covs=c("HCTZ","WT"),