An additional set of complete ggplot2 themes intended to make ggplot2 more readable when used in presentation or publications. These themes also bring the legend_position option without having to call the ggplot2 theme() function to modify a complete theme.

  • theme_bw2: Black and white theme inspired by a theme from Gunnar Yngman.

  • theme_readable: Light grey theme, with dimmed background and grid lines intended to bring the focus on the data.

theme_bw2(base_size = 11, base_family = "",
  legend_position = "right")

theme_readable(base_size = 11, base_family = "",
  legend_position = "right")



Base font size.


Base font family.


The position of legends defined as 'none', 'left', 'right', 'bottom', 'top', or a two-element numeric vector.


# With the gg_theme theme_readable() (default) dv_vs_ipred(xpdb_ex_pk, facets = 'SEX')
#> Using data from $prob no.1
#> Filtering data by EVID == 0
# With the gg_theme theme_bw2() xpdb_ex_pk %>% update_themes(gg_theme = theme_bw2()) %>% dv_vs_ipred(facets = 'SEX')
#> Using data from $prob no.1
#> Filtering data by EVID == 0