Create an xpose theme. This function will update the theme of an xpdb object. All plots generated with this xpdb will automatically use the defined xpose (xp_theme) and ggplot2 (gg_theme) themes.

update_themes(xpdb = NULL, gg_theme = NULL, xp_theme = NULL, quiet)



An xpose_data object generated with xpose_data.


A complete ggplot2 theme object (e.g. theme_classic), a function returning a complete ggplot2 theme, or a change to the current gg_theme.


A complete xpose theme object (e.g. theme_xp_default) or a list of modifications to the current xp_theme (e.g. list(point_color = 'red', line_linetype = 'dashed')).


Logical, if FALSE messages are printed to the console.


# Before default theme dv_vs_ipred(xpdb_ex_pk, facets = 'SEX')
#> Using data from $prob no.1
#> Filtering data by EVID == 0
# Updating the gg_theme and xp_theme xpdb_ex_pk %>% update_themes(gg_theme = theme(legend.position = 'top'), xp_theme = list(point_color = 'blue', line_color = 'blue')) %>% dv_vs_ipred(facets = 'SEX')
#> Using data from $prob no.1
#> Filtering data by EVID == 0