Generate visual predictive checks (VPC) data

vpc_data(xpdb, opt, stratify, vpc_type = c("continuous", "categorical",
  "censored", "time-to-event"), psn_folder = NULL, psn_bins = FALSE,
  obs_problem = NULL, sim_problem = NULL, quiet)



An xpose database object.


A list of options regarding binning, pi and ci computation. For more information see vpc_opt.


Either a character string or a formula to stratify the data. For 'categorical' vpcs the stratification fixed to the different categories.


A string specifying the type of VPC to be created, can be one of: 'continuous', 'categorical', 'censored' or 'time-to-event'.


Specify a PsN-generated VPC-folder.


Only used with argument psn_folder. If TRUE bins will be inputed from the PsN vpc_bins.txt file. If FALSE (default) bins will be re-calculated in R. Note that when psn_bins = TRUE only the first bin array will be used and applied to all panels as it is not currently possible to define per panel binning in xpose. In addition when psn_bins = TRUE is used along with vpc(smooth = FALSE) the observations lines may not be centered in the bins. Check the output carefully.


Alternative to the option `psn_folder`. The $problem number to be used for observations. By default returns the last estimation problem.


Alternative to the option `psn_folder`. The $problem number to be used for simulations. By default returns the last simulation problem.


Logical, if FALSE messages are printed to the console.


any additional aesthetics.

See also


if (FALSE) { xpdb_ex_pk %>% vpc_data() %>% vpc() }