Function designed to change the type, label or unit associated with variables.

set_var_types(xpdb, .problem = NULL, ..., auto_factor = TRUE, quiet)

set_var_labels(xpdb, .problem = NULL, ..., quiet)

set_var_units(xpdb, .problem = NULL, ..., quiet)



An xpose_data object.


The problem number to which the edits will be applied.


Specifications of the edits to be made to the xpdb index. Edits are made as type and variable pairs e.g. idv = 'TAD' will assign TAD to the type idv (independent variable).


With set_var_types only. If TRUE new columns assigned to the type 'catcov' will be converted to factor.


Logical, if FALSE messages are printed to the console.


An xpose_data object

Recognized variable types

  • a: Compartments' amount

  • amt: Dose amount

  • catcov: Categorical covariate

  • contcov: Continuous covariate

  • dv: Dependent variable

  • dvid: DV identifier

  • eta: Eta

  • evid: Event identifier

  • id: Subject identifier

  • idv: Independent variable

  • ipred: Individual model predictions

  • mdv: Missing dependent variable

  • na: Not attributed

  • occ: Occasion flag

  • param: Model parameter

  • pred: Typical model predictions

  • res: Residuals

See also


# Change variable type xpdb_2 <- set_var_types(xpdb_ex_pk, .problem = 1, idv = 'TAD') # Change labels xpdb_2 <- set_var_labels(xpdb_2, .problem = 1, ALAG1 = 'Lag time', CL = 'Clearance', V = 'Volume') # Change units xpdb_2 <- set_var_units(xpdb_2, .problem = 1, ALAG1 = 'h', CL = 'L/h', V = 'L')