Access model parameter estimates from an xpdb object.

  .problem = NULL,
  .subprob = NULL,
  .method = NULL,
  digits = 4,
  transform = TRUE,
  show_all = FALSE,



An xpose_data object from which the model output file data will be extracted.


The problem to be used, by default returns the last one for each file.


The subproblem to be used, by default returns the last one for each file.


The estimation method to be used, by default returns the last one for each file


The number of significant digits to be displayed.


Should diagonal OMEGA and SIGMA elements be transformed to standard deviation and off diagonal elements be transformed to correlations.


Logical, whether the 0 fixed off-diagonal elements should be removed from the output.


Logical, if FALSE messages are printed to the console.


A tibble for single problem/subprob or a named list for multiple problem|subprob.

See also


# Store the parameter table prm <- get_prm(xpdb_ex_pk, .problem = 1)
#> Returning parameter estimates from $prob no.1, subprob no.0, method foce
# Display parameters to the console prm_table(xpdb_ex_pk, .problem = 1)
#> #> Reporting transformed parameters: #> For the OMEGA and SIGMA matrices, values are reported as standard deviations for the diagonal elements and as correlations for the off-diagonal elements. The relative standard errors (RSE) for OMEGA and SIGMA are reported on the approximate standard deviation scale (SE/variance estimate)/2. Use `transform = FALSE` to report untransformed parameters. #> #> Estimates for $prob no.1, subprob no.0, method foce #> Parameter Label Value RSE #> THETA1 TVCL 26.29 0.03391 #> THETA2 TVV 1.348 0.0325 #> THETA3 TVKA 4.204 0.1925 #> THETA4 LAG 0.208 0.07554 #> THETA5 Prop. Err 0.2046 0.1097 #> THETA6 Add. Err 0.01055 0.3466 #> THETA7 CRCL on CL 0.007172 0.2366 #> OMEGA(1,1) IIV CL 0.2701 0.08616 #> OMEGA(2,2) IIV V 0.195 0.1643 #> OMEGA(3,3) IIV KA 1.381 0.1463 #> SIGMA(1,1) 1 fix -