Latest release PsN 5.3.0
(Released on February 24th 2022)

PsN is distributed as a zipped file or as a gzipped tarball for Linux and macOS and as a special zipped bundle for Windows.
PsN 5.3.0.tar.gz

Please see the release notes PsN 5.2.6 for details.

Older releases of PsN
Release notes for older versions

The development version of PsN is available at the GitHub repository. Remember that stability is not guaranteed for the development version - it might be broken and it might break at any time in the future. See the Developer's guide.pdf for more information on how to install from the git repository.


Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Grid/Cluster support:PsN has built-in functionality for submitting the NONMEM runs to SGE, Slurm, LSF, ud and torque. See documentation. The PsN test suite has been run on slurm and locally.