The most common source of errors are problems with psn.conf. Instructions about how to make correct settings can be found in PsN configuration.pdf.

Like all software, PsN has bugs. Some unfixed bugs and known workarounds can be found in the document Known bugs and workarounds.pdf. Please help us to get better by letting us know about undocumented errors or problems.

The best way to submit a bug is to send an e-mail to psn-general@lists.sourceforge.net the PsN-general mailing list. Before you send your mail please check the mailing list archives to see if the bug has not been submitted already. In your mail try to describe, in reasonable detail, what the bug is and what you did when it appeared. Always include the call you used to start PsN and all messages that PsN gave up until the crash. Also, add your PsN version, the name of your operating system (e.g. Windows 10, Mac OS X, Red Hat linux, etc.) and anything else that might be helpful. From there we will try to help you out. Maybe you will also get help from other users on the mailing list. Do not send model files and data files unless we ask you to.

Known bugs in current release

This list holds information about bugs found in PsN 4.7.0